Best MBA Finance Degrees in United Arab Emirates 2021-2022
Best MBA Finance Degrees in United Arab Emirates 2021-2022
September 4, 2021
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September 25, 2021

 Honors Degree (Hons.), a variant of Undergraduate Bachelor’s Degree emphasis on a higher standard of study. It contains a larger volume of study materials. Moreover, in this type of Degree, the academic achievements are indicated by the class of degree or Honors.

How many types of Honors Degree are there?

In the United Kingdom, the British Undergraduate Degree classification system follows a grading structure. This applies to both Undergraduate Degree (UG) and Integrated Master’s Degree programs. Meanwhile, the UG can be an ordinary degree without Honors or a Bachelor with Honors.

The ‘Honors Degree’ is classified based on a weighted average of the marks the students score in their exams. Furthermore, the weighted average also includes other course-related assessments.

Given below are the typical Hons. Degree classification:

  • First Class Honors ( 1st, 1, or I): 70% and higher

This is the highest classification that denotes higher academic development. First Class Hons. is the highest Hons degree that you can achieve. It is known by the name ‘first’. Moreover, the percentage of students achieving ‘first’ can vary depending upon the universities and the course of study.

  • Second Class Honors Degree:

  • Upper Division (2:1, 2ior II-1): 60-69%

This classification is higher of the two levels. 2:1 indicates the minimum requirement for attending postgraduate courses in the UK. The same is the requirement for research council postgraduate studentship in the UK.

  • Lower Division (2:2, 2ii or II-2): 50-59%

This is the lowest level of the Second Class Honors. Also, this classification is abbreviated as 2:2 or II-2. Earlier, the University of Oxford gave a Fourth Class Honors. It did not distinguish between the lower and upper second class Honors to enhance career prospects.

  • Third Class Honors (3rd, 3 or III): 40-49%

The Third Class is the lowest Hons. Degree a student can achieve. It is referred to as ‘third’. However, the students who fail to achieve Honors will be awarded an ordinary degree or are considered a ‘pass’.

Integrated Master’s Degree Honors

Similarly, the Integrated Master’s Degree is classified with Honour’s, and given below are the classifications :

  • Distinction: 70% and higher
  • Merit: 60-69%
  • Pass:50-59%

Aegrotat Honors Degree

This is an ordinary or Honors Degree without any classification. Students who receive Aegrotat are those who are unable to attend the exams due to some illness.  In addition, the dead also receives Aegrotat with an assumption that they have completed the exams.

Honors Degree in the UK

According to the UG classification system, promotion to the next degree classes are possible only if the average marks are closer to the higher class. Also, the students must submit course-related works for assessments. Moreover, a student could not earn Honors if he or she has insufficient credits and has failed in any part of the course. The Candidates who receive Honors can add ‘Hons’ as a suffix to the designatory letters. For Example BSc (Hons), BA (Hons), BMus (Hons), and MA (Hons).

Certain universities permit students who enroll in some ‘Honors Degree’ courses to transfer to an ordinary degree. This applies only to those students who fail to gain the required credits in a year by a small margin. Furthermore, some Scottish Universities award three-year ordinary degrees as a qualification. However, the students can decide at the end of the second or third year whether to complete the fourth year of Honors or not.

Honors in Northern Ireland, Wales, and England

The duration of a Bachelor’s Degree with Honors in Northern Ireland, Wales, and England are three years of full-time study. In addition, the candidates require 360 credits to receive the Honors. On the other hand, the student should gain at least 90 credits in their final year (level 6) exams. Whereas, in Scotland, the Honors Bachelor’s Degree requires 480 credits during 4 years of course of study. Also, the student should score at least 90 credits at level 10 (final year) and 90 at the penultimate year (level 9).

Closing Thoughts

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