What is The value of Armenian MBBS degree in UAE?

What is The value of Armenian MBBS degree in UAE?

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September 9, 2021
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October 10, 2021

Value of Armenian MBBS degree in UAE

Armenian MBBS degree in UAE: The greatest dream of any MBBS aspirant is to be a successful doctor. However, gaining an MBBS Degree from a reputed medical university is equally important. Have you ever dreamt of studying for an MBBS Degree from abroad? That too at an affordable fee?  Keep reading to know about the pocket-friendly ‘Armenian MBBS Degree in UAE’.

Studying MBBS Degree Abroad

MBBS is the most popular degree and every young medical aspirant would love to get this degree from the most prestigious colleges in the world. Some of the students choose to study abroad mainly for two reasons. The reasons are the ease of admission and the opportunity to study English and other foreign languages. However, during this pandemic period, it is not that easy for students to go abroad and study. Parents of MBBS aspirants are reluctant to send their children abroad, considering their safety. However, there are few colleges and universities that offer MBBS Degree in UAE. But, what about the course fees? Are all the parents capable enough to pay the huge amount as fees?  Students and parents keep seeking colleges that offer the desired course at an affordable fee. However, there are some top universities in Armenia that offer globally recognized MBBS Degree which is pocket-friendly.

MBBS Degree in Armenia

Armenia is one of those countries that have made remarkable developments in the field of education and medicine.  Armenia has some top medical universities recognized by the world organizations like MCI, WHO, and UNESCO. Good clinical exposure, low course fees, and modern infrastructure attract the students to study in Armenia. Furthermore, Armenian medical schools have well-equipped laboratories and offer high-quality education. The admission procedures are very easy. The students needn’t take any entrance test for MBBS admission.  Yet, another advantage is IELTS or TOEFL score is not necessary. Above all, the students can choose English as their medium of instruction throughout the study.

University of Traditional Medicine of Armenia (UTMA)

UTMA provides world-class medical education and was founded in the year 1991. UTMA is one of the best medical universities in Armenia and is situated in Yerevan. Further, UTMA focuses on molding students to be competitive enough to achieve their goals of becoming qualified doctors. The University has completed its 25 years successfully in the field of Medicine. Furthermore, this University is enlisted in WDOMS and is recognized by various Medical council bodies like MCI. The University is highly appreciated for investing traditional medicine research in the learning processes. In addition, UTMA provides the best services in the field of integrative medicine. 

Value of MBBS Degree in UAE

The recent trend in the Medical field is the ongoing demand for admission to MBBS seats in top medical universities of UAE, Armenia, and Europe. Every year thousands of students across the world apply for MBBS seats abroad. Hence, the competition for admission to medical schools is so intense that students find it difficult to get one. Also, admission to the UK is denied to those students who are non-EU passport holders. In addition, the applicants should also appear for UCAT (UK Clinical Aptitude Test). Keeping this in mind, some of the students show disinterest in going abroad. They choose UAE as their primary choice for studying the desired course or MBA programs. I think MBBS is the best degree for every science aspirant.

Why People are choosing UAE?

Doing an MBBS Degree in UAE provides a lot of possibilities in medical research and higher education. The medical universities are well funded and have well-equipped laboratories with state-of-the-art technology. Moreover, UAE is one of those countries which is very safe to live in and to study. The medical schools are open to MBBS aspirants from all countries around the world. However, the non-resident of UAE should have IELTS or TOEFL certification. The duration for an MBBS degree in UAE is 5 or 6 years.

Even though there are sufficient medical schools in UAE, the admission to these colleges is still a dream for some. Moreover, huge course fees, entrance tests, and IELTS or TOEFL certification are some of the hurdles faced by students. Now, you needn’t worry about pursuing an MBBS Degree. You can get admission to one of the best medical universities in Armenia by staying in UAE. Now, you will be wondering how it is possible.

MBBS Degree in UAE at Success Point College

Yes, one of the top medical universities in Armenia, UTMA has collaborated with Success Point College.  SPC along with UTMA offers a higher-quality MBBS Degree in UAE. One of the major advantages is that the students can stay and study in UAE during the first year. The fundamentals of clinical science and physiological systems of the body will be studied from SPC. Further, the promotion to UTMA   for completing the remaining 5 years of study is possible only if the student passes the first year. Meanwhile, admission to MBBS Degree will be on a merit basis and further scrutiny based on the grades scored in high school. The course fee is so reasonable and you needn’t pay a huge amount.

Closing Thought

Getting admission to MBBS Degree in UAE is not an easy task. Choose the best medical schools that offer globally recognized MBBS courses. You could consider choosing Success Point College to get the best for your career.

Success Point College
Success Point College
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