Success Point College



Success Point College

Success Point College offers you a unique experience through its expansive library, a live campus and great campus life, and support of forward-thinking faculty and students. Unlock your potential by selecting the best bachelor’s or master’s program and personalise it to meet your career goals.

We put our students at the heart of all activities and ensure that they receive the best resources and facilities. It is only possible because of our highly-trained experienced staff that has completely dedicated themselves to their field and students. All our courses are research-intensive, which has helped us in delivering high-quality education throughout the


levels of studies

Success Point College offers three levels of studies including diploma, bachelor’s, and master’s programs designed for young students and working professionals. All programs lay equal emphasis on research, case studies, and internships to ensure that students develop an all-around theoretical and practical knowledge. Our faculty members follow industry-specific pedagogy to ensure that student acquires the skills required to excel in their chosen industry.

Our students get to work with the top companies in the UAE during their internships to learn from real-world experiences and boost their skills. We offer accelerated bachelor’s programs as well. They are designed for working professionals and are only one-year long but hold the same value as a three-year degree. Full-time students receive placement assistance at the end of the program to prepare them for the real world.


All students, domestic and international, receive assured student support for mental clarity, career guidance, and life at the college.

Students can use the library, internet and WiFi, computers, and other stationery to benefit their studies. During their free time, they can participate in clubs and sports to relax and socialise with other students. Other than that, the college can also help provide accommodation to students at additional costs.