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Campus Life

Success Point College Campus Life in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi

At Success Point College, we believe in offering the best facilities to our students to boost efficiency and productivity. We make sure all our students are comfortable and receive the best resources while they are studying, completing assignments, and working on group activities. The campus is where our students think of the best ideas and bring them to life, making it a foreground of the college’s future.

Overview of Campus Life

Extracurricular Activities

Students can participate in different clubs, organisations, sports, and recreational activities to unwind and engage more in community life. We have state-of-art snooker and hand soccer tables that students can play on during their free time. Success Point College participates in all interzonal sports competitions and even won the volleyball tournament hosted by Gulf Medical University, Ajman in 2018.

Transportation and Student Parking

The students can park their vehicles for free. We also offer transportation services for students from Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman at our Sharjah campus at additional costs. They are asked to come at a designated location at a fixed time, from where the college bus will pick them.

State-of-art Internet Services

With complete access to high speed internet and WiFi service, we promote our students’ future. The library houses more than 1,000 books on management, business, finance, and administration and is a great source of learning, completing assignments, and working on projects. We have computer installed in the library, which students can use to download research material and a printer to print it.

Internships and Industry Visits

Success Point College strongly believes that students learn best when they experience the practical world themselves. And that’s why, the college hosts industry visits regularly, during which students get to interact with industry managers and gain valuable insights. Internships are a crucial part of every program that we offer. Over the years, we have collaborated with the top companies in the UAE to ensure our students receive the best experience during their internship and get a chance to apply their theoretical knowledge.