Why is Expo 2020 A Pride to All The Arab Countries?

Why is Expo 2020 A Pride to All The Arab Countries?

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The Expo 2020, World’s greatest show is happening now in one of the most dazzling cities of the world, Dubai.  This show aims to bring the world together with the theme of “Connecting Minds, Creating the future”. The Expo acts as a catalyst to exchange perspectives and to deliver real-world solutions to real-world challenges. Read more to know how Expo 2020 has become a pride to all Arab countries.

Why World Expo?

World Expo has always been a catalyst for the nations to change and to showcase their innovations. About 192 nations are participating in the 6-month (October 1, 2021-March 31, 2022) Expo 2020 event. Each nation has its own dedicated pavilions. It was on November 27, 2013, that Dubai won the bid to host the Expo in the year 2020. However, due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the show was delayed. It is the first World Expo to be held in the Middle-East, North Africa & South Asia (MENASA) region.” Connecting Minds, Connecting Future” is the theme of the Expo. The Pavilions illustrate and elaborate the theme with the help of the other three subthemes; sustainability, mobility, and opportunity. Moreover, the pavilions serve as a platform for the nations to exhibit their culture and technology. The Expo is built on an area of 438-hectare with 192 pavilions and 200 restaurants.


The Dubai Expo would be a precursor of change since it emphasizes cooperation, creativity, and innovation.  The purpose of the expo is to bring the nations together to promote ideas for collaborative initiatives. Accordingly, it will help nations to accelerate and enhance their people’s lives while also protecting nature. Above all, the pavilions of participating nations act as educational and development platforms that links between individuals, organizations, and government.  This global event will be an incubator for ideas and innovations.

Why Expo 2020 is important for Dubai and UAE?

Hopefully, the Dubai Expo would be a game-changer for the tourism-hospitality industry of the UAE. The organizers believe that more than 25 million tourists will reach UAE to visit the Expo site. The expected output from the Expo is approximately AED145 million. Also, the non-trade value is expected to reach AED 5.4 trillion, especially in hospitality and aviation.  Further, the Expo would initiate sustainable development in UAE in the future. Above all, the expo will create more job opportunities in the field of construction, hotels, business, and transportation. The major highlight of the event is that it showcases 25 innovative projects. It includes an amphibious housing project which focuses on mitigating floods. Further, an urban farming project that helps countries like UAE to grow their food movement.

Expo 2020, pride for all Arab Countries

The Ambassador of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Nassar Habashneh has once stated that the Dubai Expo is a pride for all Arab countries. He praised the efforts of the UAE in hosting the biggest global event. Furthermore, the Expo offers an unrivaled opportunity for the Middle-East region to foster its values, heritage, and culture globally. Besides, the Dubai Expo acts as a connecting link between Arab youth and Western Countries.  As the theme suggests “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, allows the Arabs to communicate and promote their ideas. Indeed, the expo will pave the way for nuclear energy investments in the Middle East in the coming years. Throughout this event, one could see the immense potential of UAE, its people’s determination, and capabilities in reinforcing the Expo. Indeed, ‘Expo 2020’ is a source of pride for the Middle East.

Closing Thoughts

Over the coming years, Dubai Expo will certainly be a significant factor in boosting the economy especially the tourism sector of the Middle East. Therefore, Expo 2020 is a pride for all Arab Countries. Furthermore, if the Expo gains the expected success, it will be a breakthrough for the Arab World.

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