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May 8, 2021
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What is a Weekend MBA Degree?

The ‘Weekend MBA degree’ is a 12-18 months program that allows professionals to pursue an MBA while working. Moreover, you could chase the desired career even without compromising your work and family life. Combining both part-time study and work will also help you to fund the course making it more viable, indeed. However, the candidates have many opportunities to gain scholarships which will make studying for MBA much simpler. Further, this MBA program is significant because it provides specialized and rigorous training for career-minded professionals within a short period.

How to get a weekend MBA degree?

Getting your weekend MBA degree lets you take classes part-time to get your MBA degree. Often, the classes are done on weekends, such as on Saturdays. That way, you can still work or take care of your family during the week. You will end up getting your MBA at the end of these classes. Usually, you will go to campus for these sessions, but they could also be done over video remotely.

Some programs might also get you connected with evening classes as well. The idea is that these classes will not take place during business hours when many people work.

The Benefits of a Weekend MBA Degree

There are a lot of advantages to doing your MBA part-time. Many people are not able to become full-time students. That means earning the degree part-time gives you time to maintain a good work-life balance. For example, you may need to take care of your family or work. It is often hard to do that while in school, but part-time degrees help you with that.

When you are a part-time MBA student, you could sometimes get tuition paid back by your employer. That means your job might pay you to take the degree program. You could have a percentage of tuition paid back. Of course, you may need to get good grades to do so.

How working professionals are benefitted from Weekend MBA

  1. Earning an MBA gives you more chances of getting recruited. In fact, companies prefer selecting candidates who possess three to five years of work experience and higher educational qualifications.
  2. The main advantage of this course is that there is no entrance exam for admission. Provided, the candidate should possess some years of work experience with a good academic score.
  3. You needn’t compromise work and family life for your higher learning. Although, some drop their job for upgrading themselves and would seek a better job after course completion.
  4. The most interesting part of this course is that there is no age limit for enrollment. Any passionate learner can earn this MBA.
  5. Enhances analytical thinking approach, helps to build new Industry connects, and gets a jumpstart to a new and established career.
  6. A typical MBA holder can expect a 35-40 percent hike in annual salary. Meanwhile, for a Weekend MBA holder, the chances for a hike in salary are even higher.

Doing Remote Learning

You can also take your online MBA classes, so you might not have to go to a physical location to attend school. These are much more convenient since they tend to have more flexibility. Still, you can expect to need good time management skills. That means you will need to find enough time to study and to get your work done.

Of course, a part-time school might not be as much of a challenge for your budget as full-time education is. That is because you can also have a job at the same time.

Understanding the differences between Regular MBA and Weekend MBA

The professionals are always confused about choosing between weekend and regular MBA. Even, most of the professionals desire to juggle MBA classes along with their responsibilities at work. Meanwhile, mid-career professionals often choose Weekend MBA over regular MBA, so that they don’t want to sacrifice their work for pursuing higher studies. On the other hand, the key differences between the two MBA programs are the delivery format and purpose of the study. However, both MBA programs hold equal value and cachet on graduation.

What is a Regular MBA?

A regular MBA is typically a two-year program. In addition, the regular MBA applicants do not require work experience instead they should possess a good score in the entrance test conducted by higher education councils or universities. However, this MBA program has full-time and intensive schedules which makes it difficult for professionals to manage their work and studies.

Regular MBA vs. Weekend MBA

Regular MBA Weekend MBA
Course length and schedule: Full-time program completed in 2 years A part-time program completed within 12 to 18 months
Course structure: Immersive graduate program that requires full commitment of students Designed to meet the busy schedule of working professionals. The course depends on your career goals and work patterns
Entry requirements: Admissions are based on the score of the entrance test. Any Bachelor’s degree holder can apply. Requires work experience and varied professional background.


Weekend MBA at Success Point College

Success Point College offers UK accredited 12-month MBA program tailored for working professionals and business aspirants. Further, the course is delivered in two stages where stage one will be completed within 6 months through virtual or face-to-face learning format. Meanwhile, in stage two the students will prepare a dissertation related to the field of specialization. Finally, the students could gain a WES-recognized MBA from one of the leading universities in the UK.

Closing Thoughts

The value of a weekend MBA degree lies in the fact that it is such a flexible type of program. And of course, the degree will equip you to earn more money and enjoy great job security. The network you develop during your degree program will allow you to be a more employable person.

Success Point College
Success Point College
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