Project Management Certifications | Top 13 Project Management Courses

Top 13 Project Management Certifications for 2021

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Important of project management certifications

You could consider getting “project management certifications” if you want to be a project manager. Project management certifications can add value to project managers also. They let you show how much you know. However, you might wonder if they are the only way to show what you know. Still, knowing enough in this field is often vital. That means managers need to be more skilled in their work.

Find the top 13 project management certifications Here:

  • Being a Project Management Professional

    Undoubtedly, this is a high-value one for project managers to have. You can get it from the Project Management Institute (PMI). It is the gold standard no matter where you live. It is considered to be global. When you have it, you can work in almost any industry. You can also use any type of method.

  • Becoming a Certified Associate

    If you want one that can help you become more distinguished, enhancing your credibility, then consider being a certified associate. It shows you know about terminology and processes in the field.

  • Being a Certified Scrum Master

    There are more agile processes being used today in IT companies. These are looking for people who have the needed certifications to be Scrum workers.

  • Project Manager Practitioner

    You can also get a certificate that helps you deal with cyber-attacks. You can take this course to learn about keeping info secure. It helps you gain tech skills and lead better.

  • Getting an Associate

    You can also get an associate as entry-level project management certification. It is held up around the world. And it shows you know about the field in an entry-level manner. You can do an exam that has several multiple-choice questions. You need to get 70 percent.

  • Getting Your Master on Project Management Certifications

    You can get a master certificate as well. It is for people who have the right training and knowledge in the field. First, you will need to have at least three years of training in the field.

  • Project Management Professional

    You can get a PPM course from the GAQM. It is considered to be mid-level. It has several different modules to learn how to control, plan, and finish a project. You can also learn how to create measures, schedules, and other processes.

  • Certified Project Director

    This course is also from the GAQM. It is recognized around the world and is also high level. It is for those who have experience in the field already. But it can help you go beyond the typical classes.

  • International Project Manager

    You can get project management certifications from the IAPM as well, which is another global degree. It offers you competitive benefits. It helps you better put projects into place.

  • Business Value Principles

    This certification lets you learn about Agile principles. You can show that you are good at project management. Also, you will learn about people management.

  • IT Security Related Courses

    You can also learn about the process of IT security. You will get to work with IT projects. It is great if you want to work with organizations that offer IT security.

  • Training Certification

    You can also do one program that gives you several certificates. You can do this online. It shows you several tutorials on the process as well. Then you will have new skills to help you use new relevant tech.

  • Getting New Skills

    Business owners want to hire employees who have the right skills. That way, they can handle complicated projects. That is why experience is also a great substitute.

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