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Part-Time MBA Programs
Part-time MBA Programs in the United Arab Emirates
July 7, 2019
Top 10 Leadership Skills for Strategic Management
Top 10 Leadership Skills for Strategic Management
August 15, 2019

Part-time MBA Finance Programs: Looking for an ‘MBA Finance Programs’ can be difficult. Many people decide to pursue an MBA after they start a family or another career. This means that they need to balance work, home, and study. That is not possible without a stellar program.

The ISDC Global Business School (IGBS) offers the best weekend, part-time MBA Finance Programs like MBA in International Business & Finance in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. By offering options, we make it easy to get your MBA no matter what your situation.

Why Should You Get Your MBA Finance Programs From IGBS?

Through Success Point College, IGBS offers many options to MBA students. If you prefer to study remotely, you can attend online. Or you can take classes part-time. Both of these options let you get your MBA without disrupting your life.

We also offer options for fast-track MBA finance programs. This lets you get your MBA finance degree in just a few semesters. Depending on your previous qualification, you may also qualify for a “top-up” degree. Credit exemptions are offered for qualified professional accountants from IFAC member organizations for advanced entry to the master dissertation. This lets you skip credits you already have. You will complete the MBA finance program in as little as 6 months.

Top Curriculum and Real-world Preparation

But that is not the only reason to enroll in our MBA finance programs. IGBS through Success Point College offers a unique experience to MBA students. Therefore, you will not just be learning coursework. You will get real-world preparation for working in finance. This means more than learning about the industry. It also means gaining practical knowledge. Of course, you will also learn the qualities of a great leader in the business and finance industry.

The world of business and finance can be competitive. You must have a leg up on the competition. We help you achieve this by helping you hone the skills you need.

IGBS and Success Point College

Through our in-class, online and blended programs, students everywhere have access to our curriculum. Through our partnership with IGBS, we bring the IGBS experience to the UAE.

When you study with IGBS from the UAE, you will have access to a top MBA program. You can get your MBA in finance anywhere in the UAE. You have options to study weekend in Dubai, Sharjah, or Abu Dhabi. With real-world preparation on a fast track, you will be prepared for your new career in no time.

Success Point College
Success Point College
Success Point College has partnered with International Skill Development Corporation (ISDC) to facilitate the campus for ISDC Global Business School in UAE (IGBS).