Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) Overview

The curriculum focuses on teaching students the empirical methods of diagnosis and treatment necessary for successful modern medical doctors and prepares them for multiple specialisation pathways. Throughout the course, students will spend considerable time in clinical settings, interacting with patients and learning from experienced doctors.

The programme includes a strong focus on preparing students for life after graduation and includes personalised career guidance. Whether you’re interested in becoming a general MD in the UAE, Armenia or abroad, a specialist consultant, or an international medical researcher, the MBBS is a great place to start.

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MBBS Programme Outline

Each year of the MBBS is based around a number of core modules, with later modules carrying more academic weight through higher credit scoring. The programme has been designed to develop highly competent doctors that are able to practice patient-centred medicine while adapting to the emerging knowledge in medical sciences.

MBBS Programme Structure

Year 1 in the UAE

Year one of the MBBS, which covers the fundamentals of clinical science along with the physiological systems of the body, will be studied from Success Point College; students that pass the first year will transfer to UTMA to complete the remaining five years of the programme.

We welcome students from a diverse range of backgrounds with varying levels of high school attainment to join the MBBS at Success Point College, thereby opening the course to more students than traditional medical programmes.

In preparation for the remaining years of the course, students will be taught Armenian language and history alongside the medical curriculum at Success Point College. Students will finish year one well prepared for the academic and practical challenges of studying in a new country.

Years 2-6 in Armenia

The remainder of the course will be studied from the bustling capital of Armenia, Yerevan, where students will be tasked with becoming medically literate and practically skilled doctors. During the five years at UTMA, students will learn and put to use modern empirical methods of diagnosis and treatment initially through classroom study, then in clinical settings during the final years of the programme.

After six years of study and one year of house surgency, students will graduate as agile, flexible doctors that are able to apply their critical thinking and medical knowledge to real-world situations. Graduates of UTMA’s MBBS course have found gainful employment in a number of medical professions, including clinical medical physicians, biomedical researchers, healthcare managers, and more both in Armenia and across the globe.

MBBS Admissions Criteria

Success Point College and UTMA have established MBBS admissions criteria that allow for a wider, more diverse student body than traditional medical universities; our collective aim is to welcome students that care about alleviating the pain and suffering of each patient they encounter, whether through clinical care, biomedical research or other related professions.

Admissions criteria for the MBBS are as follows:

  • 10th original mark sheet of the student*
  • 12th original mark sheet of the student*
  • Valid passport
  • Coloured passport photograph
  • Emirates ID
  • A completed online application with the required documents
  • The first-year tuition fees: AED 22,000
*10th and 12th mark sheets need to be apostilled

Each application that fulfils the admission criteria will be considered on individual merit and may face further scrutiny based on their high school education. Further documentation may be requested to support an application.

The Success Point College/UTMA MBBS has limited places available; MBBS admissions will be made on a competitive basis which will include entrance examination results and the applicant’s final grade point average.

Student Visas for International MBBS Admissions

Successful international applicants for the MBBS programme will require a UAE student visa, which Success Point College can offer. Students will also require an Emirates ID card, which can be applied for alongside the visa.

To apply, students must first be offered a place on the MBBS and accept the offer. Once all admissions criteria have been fulfilled and payment for the first year has been received, students will be asked to pay the annual student visa fee and deposit. We offer comprehensive assistance during this process, so if you have any questions, get in touch with our finance team at

For more general information regarding UAE student visas, please contact or +971 65489001.

Graduation Requirements

Unlike traditional degree programmes, students must achieve academic competence and complete a minimum amount of practical hours before graduating; the total of combined learning hours amounts to 360 credit hours, which includes six years of medical study and one year of house surgency in Armenia.

Student Life in UAE

Offering a truly unique cultural experience for students, life in the UAE blends history with cosmopolitan living. The UAE comprises seven emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al Khaimah, Sharjah (where Success Point College is situated), and Umm al Quwain.

Beyond the museums, restaurants, and luxury shopping of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah, students will find the unique natural scenery in the red and gold deserts, salt flats and oases of the Empty Quarter and the biodiversity of the Mangrove National Park.

Residential Life

MBBS students living in Dubai or Sharjah can easily commute to the Success Point College and around each city. For international students or those looking to live away from family, there are student-specific accommodation options situated near the campus.


Success Point College is on hand to assist local and international students in finding appropriate accommodation. Contact for more information regarding accommodation.

Student Support

At Success Point College, we aim to deliver an enriching student experience that allows you to fulfil your academic potential. As part of our drive to improve this experience, we have added features and services such as:

  • Comprehensive coverage of high-speed WIFI across the campus
  • A modern E-learning platform
  • A new medical laboratory
  • Excellent pastoral care both in-person and online


We also operate a dedicated student transport shuttle that covers Sharjah, Ajman and Dubai. To book transportation, contact

Student Life in Armenia

In years 2-6, students will find themselves in the bustling capital city of Armenia - Yerevan. Older than Rome, Yerevan is where histories merge; city spaces are shared between 1st-century churches and modern Soviet-era buildings.

Outside of the unique architecture, students will find a friendly and welcoming international city that provides plenty of activities for students outside of the classroom. Yerevan is a safe and affordable place to live.


UTMA operates student halls that are both comfortable and affordable. The modern facility is supplemented with an onsite canteen.

For more information regarding housing and student support at UTMA, contact


The city has a 10 km long metro line, five tram lines, buses and many marshrutkas (minivans). The public transportation system is affordable and can be mastered with help from apps such as A2B Transport. GG Taxi Service is also an excellent option for getting around the city and is relatively cheap.

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