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7 Major Human Resource Management Functions

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Success Point College explains a close look at 7 Major Human Resource Management Functions to work in any organisation in the world, there needs to be a force that holds all levels of management together. That is what the human resource department is all about. A human resource manager recruits candidates who will easily fit the company dynamics work with team managers to develop members’ schedule and other things that boost overall workplace productivity.

In today’s fast-paced business world, a human resource department performs multiple Human Resource Management Functions. However, here are 7 of the most important Human Resource Management Functions that you should know about:

HR Functions List:

1. Human resource development

Employees are a company’s biggest and most important asset. Only when they are trained according to business standards, the enterprise will be able to achieve its goals and vision. The human resource department conducts training sessions, encourages employees to take advantage of tuition reimbursement benefit, and motivates them to use their skills at the workplace.

2. Employee selection and recruitment

The human resource team guides a candidate from recruitment to selection and orientation to the exit interview. During the screening program, the manager should ensure the candidate fits the business requirements. Job vacancies should be filled on a timely basis as any delays can affect workplace efficiency.

3. Employee orientation

After a candidate is accepted for a position, the human resource manager has to help the new employee adjust the new working environment. It includes helping them understand the objectives and goals of the company, job duties, company rules, and what is expected from the employee in terms of cooperation.

4. Ensuring safe and encouraging workplace conditions

Along with maintaining friendly workplace conditions, the human resource team should ensure a risk-free environment. They are required to keep a record of workplace-related injuries and comply with Occupational Safety And Health Administration to minimise the occurrences. It is a crucial function in health care institutions as they have to ensure staff’s and patients’ safety from medical waste and equipment.

5. Managing compensation and benefits

Timely compensation boosts a company’s social image and that of the employees. Only when they receive their salary on time, they will be able to meet their financial requirements. At the same time, the human resource department should develop a fair means to distribute benefits, so that every employee receives a share they deserve.

The department must follow a strict guidelines policy during compensation and staying unbiased throughout the process.

6. Maintaining employee relations

With hundreds of employees to manage, employee relations have become more than ever. People have different personalities that can clash with each other, so the department should ensure that teams are developed in such a way that they complement each other’s personalities. At the same time, they should maintain a conducive relationship across management levels and ensure that grievances and suggestions are heard.

7. Developing employee handbook

The human resource department should regularly update the employee handbook for existing and new employees according to changes in business standards and governmental policies. They also have the responsibility to update the code of conduct manual and performance appraisals guidelines whenever they are policy changes.

Members of the human resource department perform different roles throughout the day. The functions work interchangeably between managerial and administrative roles.

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