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Executive MBA Programs (EMBA) are those MBA programs usually for two years in UAE. Those programs are usually undertaken by a business executive with 5 years or more of managerial experience. The main motive behind the executive MBA in Dubai is to enhance the managerial and leadership skills of business personals, which already has created their space in the market.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the prominent business destinations in the world. It is also a country credited with a large amount of expatriate population. The whole world merges into one entity by its multiculturalists’ environment. UAE is credited with offering varied courses of executive MBA (EMBA). This course is really an essential prerequisite in UAE mainly it has a booming history of young businesspeople evolving at a very fast pace.

Advantage of Executive MBA Programs (EMBA)

The main advantage of Executive MBA Programs (EMBA) when compared to the traditional one is manifold. The former simultaneously performs in the market and at the same time undergo their course. This course really brings them rich dividends since they already have a practical edge. ‘Executive MBA Programs (EMBA)’ really empowers them to sharpen their managerial and business skill

Executive MBA is actually the need of the hour. This course really assimilates the modern trend of practical education. Executive MBA is purely a merit-driven individual course. It gives each candidate a nice opportunity to really sharpen their skills for their further endeavor.

Why Success Point College?

Success Point College provides some of the trendiest face-to-face, online, or part-time 1-year executive MBA programs in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi. Its MBA program under its MBA program with its innovative education partner ISDC has some innovative management courses under its belt. A real idea of the management courses and their application is the information of real worth.

The Best EMBA Programs Are:

MBA in International Business and Finance (MBA Finance)

  • The MBA in International Business and Finance (MBA Finance) course is perfectly designed to meet the requirements in the managerial vertex. The course is an 18 months extensive study program, embedded with all the latest tools of management and finance.
  • This course enables the students to be in a positive race in the job market. It is designed in such a manner, where they can use their skills to maximum potential.
  • Since UAE is an ever-growing business hub, candidates with brilliant aptitude in financial know-how are in great demand. Every enterprise requires capable candidates from this stream. At Success Point, we really nurture them with a real winning edge over others.

MBA in International Business

  • The MBA in International Business is a 12-month course, its viability and effectiveness are shaped by OTHM. This course also falls in the category of “Executive MBA Programs (EMBA)”.
  • There is no explanation required to understand the immense potential of the offshoot of international business and its real growth. In the world in this era of information space, the reach and scope of business and management have reached their ultimate zenith. Every candidate should have real know-how of its growth.
  • This course under UK University analyses the real scenario of modern-day trends in this competitive space. It is an ever-evolving phenomenon, where any passionate candidate can perform really well if nurtured in the right direction.
  • You can complete this course either online or onsite everywhere from UAE

MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  •  The MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM) course also is a 12-month module, which can also be brought under the category of Executive MBA Programs (EMBA).
  • LSCM has a huge potential in the modern-day world. Its employment opportunities are wide and varied. There is a huge and immense scope in various administrative and managerial roles. The real opportunities lie in the field of manufacturing, retail, supply chain management, and transportation
  • MBA Logistics& Supply chain management program, under UK University, aims to train and develop future leaders and managers in the fast-growing Logistics & Supply chain It’s a highly integrated program, where candidates would acquire knowledge and understanding of the supply chain management.
  •  Management education has changed significantly over the last few decades. Earlier their thrust was only in few fields such as finance and operations, by totally not giving any emphasis on other aspects of organizational life. This made this course, somewhat redundant, as the real aspects of management were not taken into consideration. But later understanding the demands of the present day, MBA programs crisscrossed their limitations and responded by mushrooming into other key areas such as strategy, organizational behavior, and leadership.
  • But the real challenge is to provide quality training in these areas in a constructive and effective manner. Success Point College has made leadership and interpersonal skill an important asset in our curriculum. Though leadership capability is acquired with experience and working on an array of case studies, we make them prepare for it in the right environment.
  • Lastly being an MBA graduate your resume sends a message to the industry that you are in the right spirit for the job market. But that doesn’t assure your entrance into a good industry. The important factor to be analyzed is the skill of an MBA graduate can be put forth by an experienced guy in the same field. The intent of self-study and reshaping for good should propel you. Any graduate with MBA should really work on their positive landscape and be flexible to succeed according to priorities in the market.
  • So lets the sojourn for any management excellence start with full vigor and passion!
  • You can complete the LSCM course either online or onsite (the choice is yours) everywhere from the UAE.
Success Point College
Success Point College
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