Overview of Dual MBA

Dual specialization is a great choice for many students pursuing their master’s degree. When you get a dual MBA, it shows you have completed MBA coursework in two concentrations, rather than one. These concentrations, which are complementary to one another, can be many different things. For example, many students combine marketing and international business. Dual degree MBA programs are for students who already have an MBA and would like to pursue a second one.



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Dual MBA

Why Should You Get a Dual MBA at Success Point College?

When you receive a dual MBA, you will enjoy better opportunities than your peers. Many of our students find employment with top organizations in the country or even internationally. Others have started their own business or pursued a subsequent doctorate degree.

The requirements of a dual MBA at Success Point College change with the global markets. We know that it is vital that students stay abreast of new concepts, industry practices and qualifications, and management trends. This ensures that they are a great asset to their future place of employment. In addition, it makes them more attractive to potential recruiters.

Undoubtedly, a dual MBA from an internationally known and ranked university helps students get a global perspective. UK MBAs are some of the best in the entire world. Consequently, this reputation is the boost that students need to help start their career. A dual MBA from the UK helps to increase employability. Additionally, it places many graduates into higher salary brackets. It gives them more opportunities for senior company roles as well.

At Success Point College, students can complete their second MBA by transferring course credits from their existing MBA degree coursework. This ensures that they will never have to repeat a class. Students are allotted six months to do the Master’s Dissertation. This accelerated program not only saves the students time but also a significant amount of money.

Additional Information

A dual MBA from UK University has the same credit value as a regular MBA degree. Students may have 120 credits accepted from their previous degree. Meanwhile, the Master’s Dissertation is 60 credits. That makes the program 180 UK credits in total.

For students who already hold an MBA but would like another, our dual MBA program may be a perfect choice. It accelerates the long and difficult process of getting an MBA. It also helps prepare students for the job market and the many industries that require MBAs from their employees.

  • Research Methodology
  • Master Dissertation or Business Development Project
  • Blended
  • An MBA from an accredited university
  • 5 years of work experience of which, minimum of 3 years to be demonstrated at a supervisory level
  • 180 UK Credits
  • 90 ECTS