Why is Expo 2020 A Pride to All The Arab Countries
Why is Expo 2020 A Pride to All The Arab Countries?
October 23, 2021

The Core Difference Between MBBS and MD Degree

MD Degree vs MBBS Degree: The field of medical science is so vast and is growing like a boulevard. The advancement in the health care system has however improved healthcare education as well. Besides, there is a wide range of specializations and diverse courses for individuals fascinated by the functioning of the human body. MBBS and MD are the most popular programs offered by medical universities worldwide, for instance. Further, MD is a post-graduate degree onto which the MBBS students enroll to enhance their knowledge and skills. Do you know the differences between MBBS and MD and the career prospects they provide? Here is a blog that gives you an insight into the differences between MBBS and ‘MD Degree’ courses.

What is an MBBS Degree?

As the name suggests, MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) is an amalgamation of two different courses. Indeed, It is the most sought course opted by every medical aspirant. Moreover, MBBS is a professional degree where students gain knowledge in pharmacology, Microbiology, Genetics, Anatomy, etc. Typically, the duration of the MBBS course is 4 to 5 years which also includes one year of compulsory internship. Finally, through the compulsory internship, the medical universities offer the students an opportunity to acquire industrial exposure. Furthermore, it equips the medical students with the necessary skills required to be a medical practitioner who serves society within medical ethics.

What is an MD Degree?

Doctor of Medicine or MD is a post-graduate medical science course. Moreover, any MBBS graduate who desires to enhance their skills and knowledge in a particular specialization field could apply for admission to the MD program. The program is usually completed in 3 to 4 years and the course term may vary depending upon the college and curriculum. Further, in countries like UK and India, an ‘MD Degree’ is similar to Doctorate or PhD. in medicine and surgery. Whereas, countries like the USA and the Philippines consider MD as a professional doctorate for physicians and surgeons.


MBBS vs MD Degree





Course Structure

Gives a general overview of different fields of study in surgery and medicine Provides detailed knowledge and insights into various specialized fields of medicine

Course duration

4-5 years

3 to 4 years

(Depends upon the country)


A general one and not a specialization degree

A specialization degree focused on one field of study in medicine

Admission Requirements

Completed 12th standard and must have studied Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

MBBS graduate of an accredited medical university

Degree Type

Undergraduate Degree

Post-Graduate or Master’s Degree

Scope of MBBS vs. MD

The medical field is so dynamic that any medical degree graduate can get jobs in public and private hospitals. Besides, an MBBS graduate who is licensed and registered under the medical council of the residing country has all the rights to practice their area of expertise. Also, the MBBS graduate can work as a General Surgeon or General Physician in hospitals. Further, MD is a post-graduate program that helps MBBS graduates to prosper in a particular field of specialization. For instance, Clinical Hematology, Oncology, Pediatrics, Cardiology are some of the specializations in the medical field. Indeed, earning an MD Degree would enhance the career prospects of a doctor in the long run.

MBBS vs.MD admission in UAE

Recently, in UAE the demand for doctors and other medical professionals is quite high. Apart from being a business hub, UAE has now become a new destination for higher studies as well. Meanwhile, students across the world choose UAE for studying medical, management, and technological courses. Further, the medical universities in UAE offer MBBS courses at a pocket-friendly fee. Also, the country does not conduct any common admission test for entry to MBBS courses. However, certain medical universities may conduct entrance tests and interviews for selecting eligible students. Meanwhile, the admission process to the MD program is quite holistic. Also, the universities give more preference to UAE nationals or Emiratis. However, all international students are also eligible for MD admission. In addition, academic performance and non-academic performances like clinical work, research, service, and leadership qualities are some of the attributes the universities seek in every MD candidate.

Closing Thoughts

On the whole, both MBBS and MD are the top medical courses and you cannot debate on which one is better than the other. Also, both degrees are worthwhile for any medical aspirant. People consult both specialists and general physicians for differential diagnoses. Thus, both MBBS and MD doctors are essential in the healthcare sector. Success point College offers an MBBS course from one of the top universities in Armenia. SPC follows a curriculum that teaches students empirical methods of diagnosis and treatment required to be a successful doctor. Therefore, consider choosing SPC while you decide to join an MBBS program.

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