Why Data Science & Analytics Courses are Important for MBA Holders?

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Importance of data science and data analytics courses for MBA holders

Unless you take a data science or a data analytics course, your MBA isn’t complete. Many companies look for graduates who understand decision-making. You need to understand analytical tools. Understanding ‘data science’ will increase your marketability.

Business Analytics Make Sense for Business Professionals

If you want to work in business analytics, you’ll use tools such as R to find trends. You will use a reporting dashboard to keep track of things. That allows you to present meaningful and personalized data. The members of your IT department will then be able to easily consume it.

It is expected that MBA holders have this vital skill. You have to have enough technical skills to be versed in data science. You’ll also need to know how to use data to deliver results by solving business problems. That is where a data analytics course comes in handy.

Data Science vs. Business Analytics

As a business analyst, you would find and extract important information from sources of data. That way, you could explain both current and future business performance. This helps you come up with the right approach for improving the company.

While business analytics involves domain expertise, many analysts don’t have statistical abilities. Luckily, data scientists who know about statistics can fill this gap. By taking a data analytics course, you’ll be knowledgeable in both fields.

As a data scientist, you would both develop and deploy different algorithms. You would make statistical programming to support the plans of a business analyst. You would also automate their models and plans. The goal would be to enhance the performance and output of the business.

Business Analytics Roles

If you’re an MBA holder with marketing management and finance background, you need to know about statistics and analytics. You should have advanced Excel knowledge, and know how to use SPSS and R. Understanding how to use tools such as Tableau is also helpful.

In the past, business analytics was focused on using systems to find data. Then they would present it to the business. But today, you can move toward a more technical side. Learning basic skills can help you create the best algorithms. It will also help your understanding of modeling and regression.

Training in Data Science

If technology interests you more, then you can get the right experience to enter a field in data science. This is a highly lucrative career. You will need to have a base in math and science, and a data analytics course will help you to get there.

Have a Bright Future

More data is created every year; therefore, analytics-based careers will skyrocket. There’s a shortage of trained professionals in the world of data. That’s why start-ups and large companies alike need data scientists and business analysts. Taking an Executive Program in ‘Data Science’ & Analytics in the UAE will prepare you for the ever-changing world of analytics and data. Success Point College can help you get there. Feel free to reach out to us if you want to learn more about our data analytics course.

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