Which is The Best Business Administration Degree in Dubai?

Which is The Best Business Administration Degree: BS or BA in Dubai?

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Business Administration Degree

As a budding entrepreneur, you would have decided to achieve a business administration degree in Dubai. However, you have to choose between two types of course — science and arts. As you would have guessed, both are strikingly different fields with distinct career opportunities. These courses do have a few things in common, including subjects like entrepreneurship, financial management, and economics but mostly focus on developing different aspects of the business.

The arts degree focuses on soft skills, while the science degree lays emphasis on technical skills. After completing either course, you can take up an MBA program, which will help to fine-tune your career goals with your industry of choice.

Differences between BA and BS in business administration Degree:

Many colleges and universities like IGBS offer both courses nowadays, so make sure to check the faculty and the subjects taught while making the choice.

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Administration Degree The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Business Administration Degree
The bachelor’s of science in “business administration degree” is a more intense course and offers fewer electives compared to the arts degree. You have more freedom while choosing your electives and can also squeeze in a second major, but it is completely the university’s decision.
It is a more rigid program as it involves analytics, advanced entrepreneurship, and statistics. The arts variant is more flexible and focuses all the attention towards the art of handling business.
You are expected to have prior knowledge about statistics and mathematics as it is a purely scientific degree Since it comes under the arts departments, students must show strong competence in a foreign language.
You will need to take up some science subjects at the same time including physics, chemistry, engineering, data science, and biology. Students are required to take up subjects like philosophy, writing, and history.
Requirements vary from college to college but some relevant experience is always needed. Prior knowledge in history, religion, and communication gives you an added advantage as the program touches the professional and real-life problems within and outside the company.
It teaches students to use multiple scientific formulae as the emphasis is given to finance, which is the technical aspect of every company. It is more theoretical as compared to BS in business administration that offers a practical approach towards the business world.

Making the right choice

Choosing between a Bachelor of Science (BS) and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in business administration in Dubai is a purely subjective choice as it narrows down to your interests. The science degree is more about learning the scientific aspect of businesses and want to pursue a master’s in the same field. On the other hand, the arts degree is for those who want to start working after graduation and take up a master’s program part-time or online.

If you haven’t already decided the industry or the definitive career path you want to go with, BA in business administration degree is the better choice for you as it allows you to explore different choices. It also depends on your personality. If you want to enjoy hanging out with friends and not worry excessively about the studies, we recommend you to go with the arts degree.

However, if you love number crunching, can’t wait to spend hours doing calculations, and enjoy analysis your personality screams the science path all the way. BS in business administration is for those students who have made up their minds to continue in the finance field.

Dig really deep before you choose a particular course as it will change your entire career path.

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