Why do you choose ACCA qualification?

Why do you choose ACCA qualification?

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ACCA qualification

Do you know, ACCA is the most sought-after qualification preferred by professionals all over the world?. ACCA is an accounting certificate for professionals. Qualified professionals possess good strategic thinking skills, technical skills, and high professional values. Above all, ACCA is one of those professional certificates that are globally accepted and recognized by the UN and the European Union. If you are aspiring to be an ACCA-qualified professional then you are at the right place. Stay on this page to know more about ACCA and the reasons to choose this qualification.

What is ACCA?

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is a global body of successful finance and accounting professionals. The organization comprises half a million members including professionals and students across 170 countries in the world. The demand for ACCA-qualified professionals is high and it will always increase as they are responsible for analyzing the existing business practices. Further, they suggest effective solutions at times of economic crisis and thereby push the organization forward. Besides, the ‘ACCA qualification’ exemplifies financial knowledge, business acumen, and integrity. Consequently, it offers huge opportunities for professionals to work anywhere across the globe and in any business environment.

Why should you choose an ACCA Qualification?

It is tough to become an ACCA-qualified professional, but you can certainly achieve it through strong determination and dedication. The curriculum of ACCA covers every aspect of business management. Also, it covers technical aspects like cost accounting and finance and the theory of motivation. Further, it is your performance in ACCA exams that determine your eligibility to achieve the qualification. Also, ACCA certification helps you to equip yourselves with the skills that are essential for being a successful chartered accountant. Moreover, ACCA is considered a first-class qualification.

ACCA syllabus and eligibility criteria

The ACCA certification is achieved in three steps:

  • Passing 15 exams
  • Learning Ethics and Professional Skills module
  • Achieving 36-months of professional experience obligations

Graduates of any stream and school leavers can choose ACCA for study. Once qualified you will be recognized as a certified accountant and an ACCA member.

7 Reasons to choose ACCA

Here, let’s discuss the seven main reasons why one should choose an ACCA.


Unlike other professional certifications, ACCA is very economical to gain expertise and knowledge. On being an ACCA-qualified professional, you will gain technical knowledge of finance and accounting. Moreover, ACCA will aid you in developing strategic management and organizational skills.


The ACCA qualification program includes business research, auditing, law, tax, financial reporting, management accounting, and financial management. The main objective of this qualification is to equip the students with technical and administrative skills that are essential for a professional accountant. Additionally, you can learn the financial and management accounting systems and finance functions along with other finance courses.

Better Career:

ACCA allows you to work with business leaders across the globe. Hence, it enhances your thinking ability and interpersonal skills required in the workplace. Further, ACCA improves the value of your resume and accelerates your career development opportunities. Finally, you need to achieve an ACCA to attain advanced strategic leadership.

Work from anywhere in the world:

ACCA is accepted internationally and is recognized by world organizations. Therefore, achieving an  ACCA certification gives you an opportunity to can work from anywhere across the globe.

Flexible for employees:

Every year ACCA exams take place in June and December. Once you register for the exams you can appear for them in the next ten years. For instance, if you can’t attend all the exams due to a busy work schedule you can skip it and can appear for it next time. Also, you needn’t attend coaching classes to attend the missed exams. Thus, ACCA is easily adaptable for employees and students as well.

Professional development:

The ACCA member should refresh their knowledge and skills throughout their lives. You should always remain up to date. You should keep on learning to enhance your knowledge and to develop professional skills. Consequently, this would help the ACCA professionals to work in a rapidly changing and unstable working environment.

If you stop halfway, the ACCA is still worth it:

ACCA always insists its students attend all exams and they encourage you to gain a full credential. Meanwhile, ACCA has introduced core qualifications so that even if you stop halfway, ACCA is still worth it. For instance, if you have not completed any obligations and have passed the 1st two levels of the ACCA exam, then you can gain a master’s degree in accounting and economics. The module of 1st two levels includes professional skills, applied skills, ethics, and applied knowledge. Finally, an ACCA qualification makes you an ACCA member and a certified accountant.

On the whole, ACCA is the best qualification that you can achieve in your career. Qualifying for an ACCA is quite tough and you need to sacrifice and put in your work to achieve it. However, ACCA is worth it and it will bring huge benefits like global exposure and higher returns.

ACCA qualification in UAE

According to the latest education trends, ACCA is one of the most in-demand courses in the UAE. The ACCA professionals are highly respected and valued in UAE. Further, the ACCA has partnered with a local accountancy body, AAA (Accountants and Auditors Association) in UAE on a long-term strategic partnership to improve the country’s finance sector. In light of this partnership agreement, a new qualification has been implemented and it is named the UAECA (United Arab Emirates Chartered Accountant Qualification). This is to help the students to strengthen the knowledge and skills that are relevant locally and globally. Moreover, on achieving an ‘ACCA qualification’ you can even apply for membership of AAA and can use ACCA and UAECA as a suffix after your name.

Study BCom with ACCA in UAE

Success Point College, Sharjah offers the B. Com with ACCA as a 3-year UG program. This program will enable you to work for the entry-roles in the accounting and finance sections of any organization. Moreover, through this program, SPC aims to facilitate the students to achieve ACCA qualification with the exemption of 9 out of 13 papers within the 3 years of the UG program. Meanwhile, the curriculum includes courses of other global accreditation bodies like CIMA and CMA.

Success Point College
Success Point College
Success Point College has partnered with International Skill Development Corporation (ISDC) to facilitate the campus for ISDC Global Business School in UAE (IGBS).